Friday, May 10, 2013

Two Years Ago in Korea

This is my first article for this blog. I don't know what to write because there are a lot of ideas that still around in my head. Well to start on my blog, let me share my travel experience two years ago in Korea.
Exactly on this date, I was in Korea for solo travelling two years ago. I went around Seoul by my self.
Well it was very convenient because I used subways. My Korean language was not very good at that time, so that I was affraid to use buses eventhough I wanted to try, as I know there was no English for bus direction so I affraid to get lost.
I went to many places in Seoul and had a special festival which is always held every May. Lotus Lantern Festival. The one of Korean festival I had ever seen by me. I had a great time by watching a parade in Insadong.
That 's very memorable for me.

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