Monday, August 5, 2013

Korean Tea Ceremony

Drinking tea in Korea gives us a lot of benefit. Besides it's a healthy drink, we can relieve our stress by meditating through Korean tea ceremony.

I had this experience while I travelling in Jeonju hanok village. I went to the Korean tea house and was teached how to make a Korean tea through Korean tea ceremony. It was not easy as I tought because there are some steps we should follow.

Steps of Korean tea ceremony : Steps is doing by the host.

Starting the official ceremony, first steps is heating the pot, cups and decanting bowl by pouring hot water on them. After this is complete, pour the tea leaves using a scoop into the pot.
Then pour hot water onto the leaves and will then pour out the water very quickly, thereby rinsing the leaves of any dust and opening them up slightly.
Then, pour the hot water into the decanting bowl and allow it to cool to the correct temperature for the tea. After that pour the tea into the decanting bowl, which serves to get the water off the leaves in the pot and also to give the tea an even mixture. Then it is poured into the cups.

The guests will wait until the host or master picks up their cup first, then will pick up theirs.
This is repeated until they are finished, which sometimes can be several hours later.

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