Friday, May 10, 2013

Royal Court Cuisine

Gujeolpan, nine-sectioned plate, is a special dish that features nine different food items, it is one of Korean royal cuisine. The name of gujeolpan is composed of three hanja words: gu (구, "nine" ), jeol (절, "section"), and pan (판, "plate"). The dishes are served in a wodden plate which has nine devided sections. Meat and vegetables are arrayed around the outside of the dish, and a round dish in the center holds small wheat crepes. It creates various kinds of color represents of the zenith of Korean cuisine.
This is how to eat : You can put meat and vegetables on the wheat crepes and eat them together.
This dishes usually served with alcohol accompanied by various kinds of nuts and jujubes also tea which is accompanied with Korean traditional cakes.

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