Sunday, May 26, 2013

Monkey 5, a New Way to Enjoy The Music

The first song I've heard from Monkey 5 is from Bach composition, Air on G String. My first impression, sounds funny and cute. Then, I listened some compositions from this group which are different than the previous one. Those are more cheerful. I think Monkey 5 is a great project, as illustrated as the spring water came from the mountain, they give different taste and so refreshing. Modern and classy and the most important is I can feel Korean style on their music which will be indicated about their origin is from Korea.

But ... couriously... who is Monkey 5 ?

Monkey 5 is a group managed by SOREA Group with five misterious member, they are Whikey, Goldee, Liva, Bello and Touyo. They sing in uniquely way, by whistling. I thought this is very creative new way to enjoy the music.

Let's find their songs on this Youtube link :

This is my most fave song ^^

There are another interesting songs to enjoy :

Healing Whistle "Monkey 5" - Salut d'Amour

Healing Whistle "Monkey 5" - Air On The G string

Shall We Whistle ?~^^

Video Credit : Sorea TV on Youtube.

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