Friday, May 17, 2013

Hangul Korean Alphabet (Introduction)

한글 Hangul is a Korean alphabet founded by King Sejong the Great in year 1443 that he was proposed to make his people especially those who was uneducated people from a lower class at that time, could read and write easily.
As we know at that time, only some people who were in the middle up status only had a change to study for writing and reading Hanja (the augmented of Chinese characters) and it was too difficult for lower class to learn. That's why King Sejong had an initiated to created some new alphabets for his people.

Now there are Hangul that we can check on this chart below :

Hangul is the most systematic alphabet in the world. To learn Hangul, we must know first and remember of each alphabet below :

Then to create a word or sentences, we must put the consonants and vowels. Here is the chart below :

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In my opinion, to learn Hangul, formaly  한국어 Hanguk geo is similar when I'm learning math. We should practise a lot especially in grammar, there are a lot of particles that we must put on the senteces.

(To be Continued) ...

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