Friday, May 17, 2013

About Korean Language (Dialects)

Northwestern dialects :

There are three dialects which have been used in part of northwestern of Korean peninsula. They are :

1. Pyongan dialect 평안방언 is the northwestern dialects. This dialects is using in North Korea.
2. Hwanghae dialect. It is spoken in Hwanghae region, North Korea.
3. Yukchin dialect. This dialect is spoken in Yukchin area in North Hamgyeong province.

Central dialects :
1. Seoul dialects 서울말 also called Gyeonggi. It is spoken in Gyeonggi do, Incheon, Seoul and Kaeseong (part of North Korea).
2. Yeongseo dialects 영서 방언 is spoken in Yeongseo region of Gangwon do, South Korea.
3. Chungcheong dialect 충청도 방언. It is spoken in Chungcheong region, South Korea. Chungcheong 충청도 is located in the southwest of Korean peninsula. This dialect is devided into two. They are the northern Chungcheong dialect and southern dialect which is closer to Jeolla dialect.

Yeongdong dialects 영동 방언 :
It is spoken in Yeongdong region in Gangwon do, South Korea, the eastern part of Mount Taebek.

Gyeongsang dialects 경상 방언 or Southeartern dialects :
This dialect is spoken in Gyeongsang region in South Korea.

Jeolla dialects 전라 방언 :
Is spoken in the Southwestern part in Korean peninsula.

Jeju dialects 제주 방언 :
It is spoken in Jeju Island.

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