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Korean Traditional Wedding Costume

It's my long dream to write about Korean traditional wedding dress, due to my limited sources. Altough this article is still far from perfect I would like to describe some important points of Korean traditional wedding costume below :

Korean traditional wedding costume for a bride :

Photo Credit : www.sonjjang-hanbok.com

족두리 Jokduri : is a ornamental crown for Korean traditional wedding costume, and a bride is wearing this on her head on her wedding day. It is made from black colored silk with various ornamental accessories such as pearls, corals or embroidery. The shape is hexagonal on the top
and round at the bottom.

비녀 Binyeo : Binyeo is an ornamental hairpin for women. It is used in neatly tied-up hair to keep it steady. The material of a binyo depended on social position. In the higher classes, gold, silver, pearl, jade and coral were used. Wood, bone and brass were used for common people. The decoration also varied by social class. Dragon or phoenix ornament usually used on the queen's binyeo. The decorations and designs were made to convey best wishes for descendents, their prosperity and long lives. Binyeos are divided into two kinds, a jam 잠 a binyo which have a long body and a che 채which have a ∩ shape and now usually use when a woman is wearing a hanbok and as part of
wedding hanbok accessories.

활옷 Hwarot :
Hwarot is a traditional wedding costume with red and blue colors dominant. These colors are represents of the duality of man and woman, yin and yang. The embroidered ornaments decorated on hwarot such as peonies, lotus, mandarin ducks, phoenix, buterflies are represents of love wishes, long life and health.

드림댕기 Daenggi :
is a piece of cloth used to decorate the hair. It is tied at the end of plaited hair and left hanging down.
Daenggi also as part of wedding costume accessories.

저고리 Jeogori :
is the upper jacketlike part of hanbok.

치마 Chima :
is a wrap around skirt worn for hanbok.

꽃신 Kkotsin :
is a embroidered shoes usually has more than one color.

Korean traditional wedding costume for a groom :

Photo Credit : www.sonjjang-hanbok.com

A jacket (jeogori, 저고리) and trousers and an overcoat are worn. The jacket has loose sleeves, the trousers are roomy and tied with straps at the ankles. A vest may be worn over the shirt. A black hat could be worn.

단령 Dalryung is a type of traditional Korean clothing worn during the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty(조선) by royal men for official in courts or by commoners for weddings.

용포 Ryoungpo is a type of traditional Korean clothing worn during the Joseon Dynasty(조선) by king in courts.

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